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圖片說明:圖左起Dr. Alexander Irving, Michelle Coutinho, Dr. Marla Hlady, CP Fenke Feng, Yoyo Lai, Rosalie Maheux, Dr. Lora Carney, Dr. William Bowen 在多倫多大學的生.文化獎學金Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award頒獎禮後合照。

To give back to the community and foster artistic talent for future generation, LIFE Culture Group has established the Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award at University of Toronto (see Notes). We have formed the Award committee on the recommendation of the Department of Arts, Culture and Media from University of Toronto. This committee includes the Chair, Department of Arts, Culture and Media, and Program Directors from art history, studio, and arts management. This Award is bestowed to students at University of Toronto entering third or fourth year and enrolled in a major in Art History or one of the fields of Fine Arts including studio and/or arts management on the basic of outstanding potential for career related to the arts. Preference will be given to the candidate who can demonstrate open mindedness and innovation through their work. Academic achievement will also be considered.



  1. Through a generous pledge to the University of Toronto from the LIFE Culture Group, an expendable fund will be created to support the Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award for students in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at UT. The Fund will support one $5,000 scholarship (Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award) annually for a student at UT entering third or fourth year and who is enrolled in a major or specialist program in art history or another of the arts fields including studio, arts management, theatre, and/or music, on the basis of outstanding potential for a career related to the arts. The successful candidate will have a passion for art and a proven commitment to the development of community through the arts, and to the pursuit of freedom of thought across cultural boundaries. The donor agrees to provide $5,000 per year until further notice to fund the Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award.

  2. The conditions for this scholarship were created by UT alumnus, Mr. C.P. Fenke Feng, to honour the work of Professor Lora Carney, UT art historian. Lora Senechal Carney’s research in Canadian modern art has involved many years of reading letters, journals, artists' statements, newspaper and magazine articles written by Canadian artists and critics from 1930 to 1960. In her work she considers how these writings explore and illuminate the relation of art and ideas about art to their rapidly changing historical, social, and political backgrounds. This is the subject of her chapter in Visual Art in Canada (Oxford University Press 2010) and of a book manuscript. Her other major field of research is contemporary North American public art, and collaborative art public art projects in particular. She co-edited "Landscape, Cultural Spaces, Ecology," a special issue of the art history journal RACAR (2010), and her article in that issue is a study of a collaborative reclamation project in Pennsylvania. She was teaching modern and contemporary art at UT when she retired in June 2013.

  3. Fenke was positively impacted both personally and professionally through the mentorship and teaching he received from Professor Carney during his academic career at UT. He attributes his love for art and the success he has enjoyed as an artist, to the guidance and encouragement he received from Professor Carney. He has great admiration and respect for her open mindedness, her strength of character, and her ability to inspire innovative thought and expression in her students. The conditions of this scholarship were created in recognition of Professor Carney’s work and her talent as a teacher, and it was created in 2013 in tribute of the year she retired from UT.

    生.文化獎學金Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award


    生.文化平台為了讚揚多倫多大學士嘉堡校園藝術系退休教授 Lora Carney與眾不同的個性,以及她在鼓勵學生擁有創新思維和表達能力方面所做的貢獻,特別創立生.文化獎學金。

    生.文化平台總裁Fenke Feng表示,每年都將有$5000獎學金頒予多倫多大學就讀第三或第四學年主攻藝術歷史,或者在美術領域,包括畫室或藝術管理方面有明顯潛質的學生。作品能充分表達開放思想和創造力的候選人將被優先考慮,學術成果也會被列入評估範圍。

    生.文化平台行政總經理Yoyo 表示,連同多倫多大學士嘉堡校舍創立藝術獎學金,以鼓勵學校的藝術系本科生宣揚不同文化和藝術品。這項獎學金的宗旨除了鼓勵學生的創造力和推廣文化外,同時在學費和經濟方面能夠替學生分擔。

    多倫多大學藝術系退休教授Lora Senechal Carney表示,你在一種文化長大,你認識自已的文化,幸運的話,你會在大學學習到多種其他文化的價值觀,你的價值觀會變得世界性,你對人的看法會開始不一樣。

    創立這個Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award的組織的幾位創辦人,是多倫多大學士嘉堡校園的舊生,他們接受Lora Carney教授多年的藝術指導後決定以創立獎學金來回饋母校。每年得獎的學生都在藝術方面表現出優異成績。今年的得獎者為Rosalie,她來自魁省,幾年前特意來到多倫多大學學習英文和製作藝術品。來屆的得獎者會在今年尾公佈,得獎的學生同樣會得到5千元的獎學金。