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For your peaceful blue sky.

LIFE Culture Group www.life-culture.org is an Open Multicultural Platform. We Celebrate Cross-Cultural Experiences & Perspectives in Various Exhibitions & LIVE Shows. We are in partnership with the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.

Over the past 3 years, LIFE Culture Group has already collected more than 200 pieces original artwork of the iconic Canadian painter Norval Morrisseau, CM (March 14, 1932 – December 4, 2007), “Picasso of the North”. LIFE Culture Group is the biggest collector of Norval Morrisseau’s paintings.

To promote cultural diversity and our ideology, LIFE Culture Group will open LIFE Culture Gallery (3100 Steeles Ave East, Suite 318, Markham, L3R 8T3) by the end of 2013. The Gallery will be one of the art history research centers of the Woodlands School of Canadian Art.

To give back to the community and foster artistic talent for future generation, LIFE Culture Group has established the Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award at University of Toronto. We have formed the Award Committee on the recommendation of the Department of Arts, Culture and Media from University of Toronto. This committee includes the Chair, Department of Arts, Culture and Media, and Program Directors from art history, studio, and arts management. This Award is bestowed to students at University of Toronto entering third or fourth year and enrolled in a major in Art History or one of the fields of Fine Arts including studio and/or arts management on the basic of outstanding potential for career related to the arts. Preference will be given to the candidate who can demonstrate open mindedness and innovation through their work. Academic achievement will also be considered.

Moreover, LIFE Culture Group creates and sponsors many other culture events. We currently work with Master Dayi Shi to host a new TV show, Wisdom LIFE, answering daily life philosophical questions.

This year, LIFE Culture Group proudly presents to Toronto, Ontario the SHOW LO OVER THE LIMIT 2013 www.showlotoronto. com on Saturday, October 26, 8:00 PM at Hershey Center. Show Lo, a famous pop singer, Asia Super Idol King, has said of the Lord of the Dance in Asia, is a collection of singer, dancer, actor, show host and other multi-faced development of all-round entertainer. Mr. Show Lo's personal record has reached the sales of over 7 million in Asia and became Sales championship in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

SHOWLO OVER THE LIMIT 2013 is THE show of 2013. The profits will go towards the Lora Carney LIFE Culture Award at University of Toronto and the sponsorship for other cultural events through LIFE Culture Gallery.

LIFE is about Memories & Experiences. Together, We Create & Share the Unforgettable…